Universe Reloaded

by The Fall Of Time

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Self produced, first album.


released March 1, 2015

Album Artists:
Emmanuel JOLY: Orchestra, Drums and Bass arrangements, Narrator.
Dany VOISINET: Frozen Guitars
Olivier JOLY: Burned Guitars

Guest Musician:
Véronique ANGEVELLE: Narrator

Music and Orchestration: Emmanuel JOLY
French Lyrics: Ghislain GILBERTI
English Translation: Le Gui
Concept: Emmanuel JOLY

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by The Fall Of Time
Mastered at VAMACARA Studio
Artwork by MYTHRID ART


all rights reserved



The Fall Of Time Belfort, France

From 2009 on, as a solo project, Emmanuel started creating a wide range of symphonic melodies supported by calm and lively, frantic drums patterns.

That was then entertained by Dany, followed by Olivier, through intricate guitars, with subtile consonance, and intertwined with narrated orchestrations, which tell you a self-sufficient story of a new era, within an historical-science fiction frame.
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Track Name: Chapter I
Chapter I

In its very first moments, the universe had become a large and frozen space again. Dead black matter was spreading in an ocean of darkness, lazily growing, searching its limits in eternity. And this lasted for million and million of years.

Yet, because every ending is also a beginning, a new and incredible miracle occured : the universe started to wane, shrinking until it became a sphere of a gigantic density and incalculable temperature.

On the inside, the subatomic particles started spinning, generating an energy as grand as it was unstable. Opposite and conflictual particles collided, creating an amazingly powerful explosion within nothingness itself.

The greatest atomic deflagration of all time occured.

It gave birth to a new universe, much bigger than the ones before and, by far, greater than the one in which the damned were living, the ones that were called humans.

On one of these new planets, among its multitude of living creatures, one in particular was to evolve during the first millenia, a new breed of entity capable of intellectual thinking. It did not take long for the curse to break out, a curse of consciousness and a predisposition for war, and a propensity to baptize their lands with their own blood.
Track Name: The Way Of War
Track Name: Chapter II
Chapitre II

The first Great War : centuries of useless battles. Swords are now blunted, souls struck down, and the scars of the body and soul run deep. The sinking of the new People begins.

The sickness is everywhere and the air is contaminated by thousands of rotting corpses. Infection, contagion, the venom flows through the veins of the reluctantly living.

It's a terrible curse, and it slowly eats the planet up. Madness, psychosis, dementia, cruelty : all souls are trapped in their own mazes.

Plants and trees are dying, vegetation is rotting. Hunger and privation lead to a new disaster : famine. Cannibalism rears its head in the thickest shadows.

It is a curse, a punishment for their sins.

Many of them are still dying, everywhere the wind carries complaints of agony.

Distress calls resonate, desperate cries pierce the air. Screams of commonplace pain are reverberating in silence and emptiness. Global annihilation is spreading and blowing like a relentless wind.

They lament for help. Eyes full of tears, they turn to the skies and their supplications buzz and vibrate.

The People are annihilated, wrecked, lost, broken.
Track Name: Lost People
Track Name: Chapter III
Chapitre III

The time for despair has come.

Listen and have faith.

Some take a stand and raise their fists to claim that famine, pillage, rape and sickness are not ineluctable... the plight can be ended. A certain cure against Evil and that terrible curse that weighs on their shoulders. Some claim it is time to have faith again and repent, that there are superior forces that rule the universe.

The rumors say that THEY are the ones who gave birth to life, and that they have been watching sinners since the very beginning.
Across the world they start building monuments. It is a new age, and those who have nominated themselves the Great Priests wield the authority of the invisible Divinities.

Pray or fall into disgrace. They assemble the stones of the first temples so the Gods above will reward their devoted believers below.
The new saviors of the world.

The Heroes
Track Name: Chapter IV
Chapitre IV

On one hand, there are the ones who worship Light, the Sun God who causes day to rain from the skies. They believe they are on the only true path to God, and condemn the others as heretics.

On the other hand, the Priests of the Night worship a different God altogether : the God of Darkness. They gather in the midnight hour and sing hypnotic prayers to the pale black starry skies.

Still, others judge both to be wrong, seeing their only true God in law and order, a guide to return the living to peace and serenity. There, they claim, lies the only path to redemption.

And there are those who have surrendered to the curse. They pray to the forces of Evil to save them from sacrifices, to spare them from the appetite of the Gods. They say Evil can not be defeated, that one only finds light in the darkness, that Evil is to be respected and feared. They build dark temples in its profane name.

Lastly, there are the Atheists, the ones who accuse priests of devious manipulations, lies, and theocracies. They are the catalysts for the Great War on the horizon : the Holy War. "The Priests will mold you like they would do clay," they say, "and you will be only like fodder for domination."

Tension arise among the New People, and the foreshadowing of a new war cast upon them, once again.
Track Name: Chapter V
Chapitre V

He was born in blood, among the shadows of the Great Spiritual War.
The Perfect Child.

Gifted with almighty power. He is all-seeing, he understands everything and memorizes each and every detail. He can look through all souls as well as through matter.

The more he grows up, the more extraordinary the things he can do.
He is the first of a kind, well aware that others are going to come after him, and give the world a new chance, a new ray of hope and brightness.

The older he gets, the greater his powers become. He controls water, fire, earth, air and matter.

He is omnipotent. He can grow wheat in the desert sands, and grant his people miracles. But he can also make the whole world suffer when annoyed, capable of blowing hurricanes and making volcanos explode.

As much as he can save this world, he can also destroy it.
Track Name: Chapter VI
Chapitre VI

The firstborn of an overdeveloped breed, the perfect children ; now a grown man. People come from all over the world to see him, even if it's just for a glimpse. That terrific gift from the forces of the skies to all, and its mind-blowing powers.

They all bow to him to receive his benediction.

Similar children grow up all around the world, and he can communicate with them all. They're younger, but they share the same skills. They know no limit to supremacy. They become the new leaders. Some are only six years old when they start governing nations, legions, all people.

The new Gods of this world are well alive, and salutary.

And if people actually had the will to wise up, it would be a decisive glow of hope that would shine over all. But wisdom never was the major virtue of the inhabitants of this world. Some already try to debauch the children of perfection and turn these beings made for good into true monsters of chaos and confusion.

They sharpen their blades again, the same mistakes will be made and the planet will be corrupt with selfish and power-thirsty people.
Track Name: Chapter VII
Chapitre VII

Cries of agony, the voice of Death and the screams of steel againt steel.

The melody of the great cut echoes one last time in this shattered world, gutted by an ultimate war, leading to total devastation.

All normal life can no longer be.

Once again, once again and most likely for the last time, the curse of war spreads around this world. The language of steel replaced the language of tongues.

Everything is now way too clear : forgiveness does not exist. It's an illusion. This very existence is doomed. There is no more mercy nor lucidity down here in this chaos. It's been too long since souls left the bodies that aimlessly slay each others, dispondently. All hope is no more.

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